God Loves You!
A Message of Hope to the Barrios of Rosario


In 2004 Pastor David Wilkerson and his son Gary ministered to 20,000 ministers and leaders in Argentina. The Lord manifested His glory and thousands responded to His Word. As an outflow of this response, the leaders requested that Times Square Church come to Argentina to hold public rallies and outreaches.

In March 2006, Pastor Carter Conlon and 260 people from Times Square Church, including choir members and outreach teams, traveled to Rosario, Argentina to hold evangelistic rallies, pastors conferences and outreaches.

The Lord had a very specific place in mind for us to minister in: the desperately poor barrios of the city. In these barrios children run around with barely any clothes, no shoes, and dirty faces and dig through garbage dumps for food. Countless families live in shacks with barely any roofs or walls, much less running water or electricity.

One particular barrio, home to a Toba Indians community, stole the hearts of everyone who went on the outreaches.  Poor, rejected, and forgotten, the Lord sent Pastor Carter and our teams to tell the people of these barrios one simple message: "God loves you."


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