Jamaica 2003  
In October of 2003 the Holy Spirit led a team over two hundred people from Times Square Church to Trench Town in Kingston, Jamaica to hold evangelistic rallies, medical and humanitarian outreaches. Trench Town is reputed to be one of the most violent and crime-ridden areas of Jamaica.

The evangelistic rallies were held in an abandoned plot of land known as No Man's Land in Trench Town. No Man's land was bordered by four impoverished and forsaken neighborhoods ruled by drug lords and gangs, it was a place where bodies were dumped and gang rivalries exploded. No one wanted to go through No Man's Land.

Throughout the three days of rallies the Lord broke strongholds and set the people free. On the second day the powers of darkness were evicted from No Man's land and by the fourth day the crowds gathered to celebrate the miracle working power of our God when Pastor Carter prophesied from Isaiah that No Man's Land would become a Garden of Eden.

This short video documents the faithfulness of God in fulfilling this promise and transforming No Man's Land. Watch Update

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