Evangelistic Rallies  

Since 2001 teams from Times Square Church have traveled to the Philippines, Nigeria, Jamaica, Zambia and Argentina to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the poorest of the poor around the world through public evangelistic rallies.

These evangelistic rallies are fueled by prayer from beginning to end; prayer to know which nation to go to; prayer to choose the right venue; prayer to hear from God what he wants to speak and do in each nation.

The cry at these rallies is John 8:32: “ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” We have witnessed great manifestations of God’s presence in these events as he brings hope of salvation to the people through his Word.

Senior Pastor Carter Conlon travels to these rallies with over 200 people including the Times Square Church choir and members of the congregation who participate in evangelistic, humanitarian and medical outreaches.

The rallies are usually conducted in three evenings and are organized jointly with a local organizing committee of pastors representing churches of all denominations.

No two evangelistic rallies have been the same, nor has the revelation of God’s awesome power at these events.

In the Philippines, the rallies took place in a stadium in the center of Manila and a smaller stadium in the island of Bacolod and many gave their lives to the Lord.

NIGERIA: Peace through the storm.
In Nigeria hundreds of thousands were gathered at a soccer field when a vicious thunder and lightening storm brought down the stage on the first night of the rallies. Miraculously, the multitude did not stampede for the exits but remained still and continued to worship through the storm with the Times Square Church choir. The Word of God brought freedom to many captives that day, including witches who bowed to the truth and gave their lives to Christ.

JAMAICA: “I am going to take this empty place and put my Spirit here and Jamaica shall know that I am God.” In Jamaica, Times Square Church held the crusade in No Man’s Land, a notorious desolate strip of land in the midst of the poorest, most dangerous neighborhoods in Kingston ruled by powerful drug lords. Gang fighting was common in No Man’s land and even dead bodies were dumped there. The local people were afraid to go to the rallies when they first heard they would be held there. But the Lord sent forth his word and healed the land and healed the people. No Man’s Land is now a place where children play and where an annual banquet is served to the poor every Christmas by all the churches that participated in the rallies.

ZAMBIA: “Go to my people in Zambia and tell them this is the year of their freedom.” In Zambia the Lord spoke a prophetic message to the people of this nation gathered at a local stadium. “God wants to make Zambia an example to all of Africa... Zambia will be known as a people under the dominion of God.” At the altar call, 75% of the people present, children, men and women ran to the stage to respond to God’s call.

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