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The People Print


Over 100 Nationalities

“A great multitude of people, nations and languages…” Revelation 7:9.

The Times Square Church congregation is a reflection of New York City. More than 8,000 people representing over 100 nationalities and nearly every race, culture, age group, and socioeconomic background gather to worship here every week. Visitors are often led to exclaim, “This is what heaven will be like!” when they see this great multitude of people worshiping together under one roof.

Single mothers, Wall Street bankers, teenagers, actors, lawyers, doctors, teachers, models, construction workers, taxi drivers, homeless people, nurses, sanitation workers, and college students are among the many who call Times Square Church their home church. Many of them are involved in at least one of the over 60 ministries at Times Square Church, from feeding the homeless in New York City to building a home for someone in Mexico.