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Woman be Restored Print

Woman Be Restored

We welcome you to join us for our a Women's Conference this year.

 About Our Speaker


Mona Stephen is a woman who has experienced the power of Christ in her life.  She is presently serving with her husband as an Administrative Pastor in Canada.  She has a powerful message of freedom.  Having herself been in a place of deep emotional damage from her many years of sexual abuse, she comes with a message and evidence of one who has been freed and restored by God.  Mona has a deep passion to see the body of Christ walk in the freedom in Christ.

She preaches this message of freedom to many, and all who have heard, believed and put it into practice, have been on the same path of freedom that she exudes. She comes with a servant's heart and from this desire to serve the people of God, flows His powerful anointing.

Breakout Groups

Restoring the Unrestorable

How often we feel like we have failed. We strive so hard to do the right thing and yet we find ourselves doing the wrong thing. Faith in God’s Word to break free from this mind set seems to elude us. In this breakout group, we will gain an understanding of how to have victory over the battles of the mind, and give us freedom to see our potential in Jesus.


From Restoration to Restoration

There are many voices today that lie to women and cause us confusion, competition and shame. We want to unmask lies that women believe and reclaim our true identity and worth. In this breakout group we will explore how God works in our lives to restore us as free women of influence and impact.


Generation Restoration

We as women are living in a generation that has been robbed. The enemy is constantly stealing from children, families and friends, taking away their true identity and purpose and leaving them confused, depressed, addicted and suicidal. It is an intentional attack on those we know and love. Don’t give up! God has given us promises that cannot be taken away. This breakout group has been specially designed for millennials.


Restoration in Relationships

We all know what it is to have challenging relationships. This breakout group will focus on the practical and insightful side of human relationships and how they reveal our character. At the same time, we will see the hope that Christ offers to transform our complicated relationships.


Restoration in Marriage

This breakout group will offer practical tools and unique spiritual insights about marriage.  It is what we all need to hear most – from Scripture, church history and time-tested wisdom.  Offered with humor, compassion and life changing truths, this group will also devote some time to comments and questions.


Restoring Mercy

This breakout group will be talking about the forgiveness we give ourselves. So often we lack understanding of God’s mercy for ourselves and others. Our own focus on where things are wrong keeps us from receiving His mercy and restoration.


Restoration Within the Dysfunctional Family

Abuse leaves scars and leaves many unable to fully enter into their calling in Christ. These abuses have destroyed families, trust, self-esteem and friendships. We will discuss the effects of abuse and the occult, and how they robs us. We will see how Christ brings freedom and restoration in our families and in our minds.


Walk-in Registration

Online registration is now closed.

Walk-in registration will be available:
Saturday, February 4
8:30 - 10:30AM
12:00 - 1:00PM
Main Lobby

Live Webcast

The afternoon session of Woman Be Restored will be streamed live on this website.

Start Time:          1:30PM

End Time:           5:00PM